Brow Event

Brow Event


Do you struggle with your brows? How to shape them, how to groom them, how to fill them in, what products to use, what shape is right for your face etc etc??????  I’m here to help!

Your brows are the frame of your face and they can drastically change your look. I will do some free demos to show the basics or you can get an individual appointment to have a one on one grooming session or upgrade the one on one to include product to help you get started on your everyday brow routine.

Register before June 14th and receive a free gift. Stop in anytime between 2PM and 6PM!

Brow Event

Free, just register so I know you want to come mingle and check out brows.

Add on Grooming - $15.00

Personal one on one time to groom and learn how to “do” your own brows.

Add on Grooming + Product - $25.00

Same as the grooming add on but you will receive professional products that best fit your brow needs.

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